You’ve arrived at the contact page for C.L. Lucas.

The title is provocative; you may love her.

Vet’s hate her. Justifiably so, the reasons for which, after so many years, she cannot comprehend.

This project spans a decade. Over 180,000 words written, within it, exist several climactic events I prefer to stand alone.

The character’s inter-relate by a fact, and by fiction. Killing Jane Fonda (KJF) is fiction, albeit historically based. Real names of real people are used, their notoriety my artistic license.

Aging leftists are publishing memoirs confessing their sins for the capitalism the once loathed. Consequently, they surrender their names and give this author a bird’s eye view of the points in time they inhabited.

I have no book deal.

I’ve long given up the idea of producing a hard-copy for Barnes&Noble. I’m ok with this as it is, eReader, audible and possibly printed through Create Space if it goes that route. If this project gains legs…

There’s much to learn about a lot of angles along Jane Fonda’s road to perdition. This story has no impact if she passes before completion. Moreover, the millennials need an education.

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