Jane Fonda Reveals; Sexual Abuse at an Early Age

Jane Fonda and Friends perform at an FTA event.

Wisdom comes with age Jane Fonda confesses. In the news recently, Fonda indicated she was the victim of rape and sexual abuse in her youth, stating that it changed how she carried herself through life; admits that wisdom has come with her age.

Wisdom comes with age underscoring the 20/20 hindsight. An emotional event, such as this, tweaks the mind. Even though we all have free choice, know right from wrong, I reckon the privileged in lofty castles, out of touch with the pauper, might be prone to disregard the realities the common man lives, works…..and fights in.

Having to study her has long provided insight. It’s provided comparisons I’d rather have not considered.

In biographies, she’s called a chameleon, able to change to her setting. In fact, what’s happened to her, perhaps shaped her acting.

On the negative side, she confesses an inability to ‘free think’ and say or do exactly as is requested by someone in charge.

When did this change?

When was she abused?

I’m wondering if she was just a ‘normal’ privileged girl (absent the love of her father and mother — a whole other discussion) — an attractive, puckish teenager at a dance with a hatpin in her hand, pricking the backs of necks of doting boys she danced with.

The revelation adds more to her explanation. She is not very different, I don’t think, she still showed up at the Keystone Pipeline. Is she making up stories to excuse her past?

I don’t think so. Bragging on a large stage about such abuse is no small matter and as a woman’s advocate, she’d harm her cause otherwise.

The warrior loves to sling beer, talk shit and be braggadocious about what they would or wouldn’t do whilst taking turns to visit the urinal and pee on a target with her face in the middle.

At the end of the day, warriors young and old who have or have not seen, been in or have been directly affected by “the shit” the right thinking man, or woman at the end of the day should consider who they are having served and consider her with pity, because….because that is “themis,” a concept the denizens of Hollywood know little about.