Jane Fonda and Olympus’ Shadow

While in college at the University of Mississippi, during my second year English course, long before I decided to write anything about Jane Fonda, I realized I had a talent for writing having extended the ending of A Handmaiden’s Tail, one of our assigned books.  We students around Ole Miss at the time regularly rubbed shoulders with John Grisham (rumored to have had Brad Pitt as a guest which translated to hordes of sorority girls hanging near his fence). In fact, I sat across from him a few times at the Beacon Restaurant on a few occasions but our interactions never extended beyond a nod or a smile.Killing Jane Fonda (KJF) on the other hand, enjoyable to write but its been a work in progress for almost a decade.

I’d always wanted to write something — and eventually developed an idea I titled, “The Last Drive-in” but never began writing; the idea for Killing Jane Fonda (KJF) hit me like a brick taking its place. There’s a story to its inception, development and the long, long — very long process which has me here, editing a post I wrote in 2014.

My excuse?

A day job doing things like, you know defending your country and war stuff slows the down the process.

Consequently, instead of spending all my time overseas, I did write Soul Tool for fun, an experiment,  a ‘practice’ in writing shall we say that is ultimately for the benefit of KJF.

I owe an entry on KJF’s birth — personally, I think it’s amusing.

Olympus’ Shadow draft is available for download.