A Novel of the Vietnam War

July 1972: When Jane Fonda allowed a photographer to catch her astride the gunner’s seat of a North Vietnamese Anti-aircraft gun, she sparked the fury of American veterans for a generation. Her misstep that day only capped more egregious collaborations she had with her communist hosts on her activist vacation to war-ravaged Vietnam. In a photograph, tangible proof commingled with propaganda broadcasts she directed at servicemen in battle consequently fueling their enmity with a palpable loathing present even today.

American sex symbol. Movie star daughter. An icon in her own right. Jane Fonda erupted late onto the anti-war scene. First husband Roger Vadim shaped her world view. Second husband Tom Hayden saw her value as a mouthpiece and matured her radicalization. Together, the two dallied with the likes of Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, and the Weathermen terrorists, poking Americana in the eye. Ultimately, Fonda cheerfully performed the part for which she’d been scripted.

In a shutter click, Jane Fonda symbolized Veteran grief over defeat yanked from the hands of victory. Fonda symbolized a political loss of will as much as she did the leftist forces fighting to end American involvement in South East Asia.

Despite a caustic title, it’s not all about Jane.

This is and isn’t about her. On the one hand, it is, on the other, it catalogs other characters more egregious. Like the butterfly effect, the sum of their actions changed the circumstance in the lives of children. In one boy’s mind, she contributed to his father’s loss because as rumor had it, they crossed paths before he met his death.


This book series brings it home. There’s more to this story than the endcaps of a title and a celebrity name. Jane Fonda, like her symbolism, is merely a side note in a story far more complicated.





  Who were the assholes starting shit in the streets while this toddler watched his father writhing in the agony of phantom pains on a green carpeted floor; his mangled body extruding slivers of shrapnel from behind odd patches of skin used as a donor area to cover his nubs? My adult self is aware …

About a Boy

Part 1 (ver.3) 

Author with father Luke
The author with father Luke Lucas before going to Vietnam. New Iberia, LA circa 1969

It didn’t matter to a three-year boy. Only one thing mattered. Only one thing affected him. His mind hadn’t developed enough to realize that his father Luke was different from everyone else’s dad. The boy only knew that he loved the man and that something violent had wrecked his father’s body leaving him in agony.

In that little section of the world in the deep south surrounded by bayous and swamps, living on the silt plain precipice of a muddy bay named Vermillion, he could not realize his status as less than a chessboard pawn. The political world reserved that monicker for his father contorting in agony on the floor before him, phantom pains of legless nubs gnawing him like salt on a worm.

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Lagniappe — means ‘a lil something extra’ to the Cajuns. Thusly, we’re going to have to find some content for this section of the site.

The Bayou Boogaloo

Ready for something different? The Bayou Boogaloo’s got it.


In today’s Amazon world, “fiction” is a broad definition. Going away…

Wait, now that I think about it, let me digress.

I studied Journalism at the University of Mississippi. I also minored in English and Spanish. Mentioned elsewhere, I learned I enjoyed writing creative fiction but until 2003, I lacked anything worthy to write about, something with impact, until the idea for Killing Jane Fonda erupted.

I’ve been working on Killing Jane Fonda for an incredible amount of time — starting, stopping, restarting. Doing so resulted in an amalgam of writing style and skill.  But that’s not the point — fiction.

Writing is an artform.

When Fifty Shades of Grey hit the mainstream, I decided to have a look at the ‘art’ within its pages.

It sucked. Yes, it sucked — but you know what, I don’t have a two movie deal and I still have bills.

One day, while flying in Afghanistan, a buddy asked me if I’d heard of Bigfoot porn, to which I replied, “no.”

Apparently, it’s a thing. Moreover, it directs you to a weird part of Amazon.com populated with dinosaur porn, minotaur porn, mermaid porn, gay, straight you name it.

I bought “Snowed in with the Yeti” out of curiosity but found the “Moan for Bigfoot” series for free online.

Most of the sub-screed there are little more than essays of less than 2k words targeted towards the perverse.

Birth of The Bayou Boogaloo

I decided to try my hand and actually produce something funny, raw yet plausible and produced Soul Tool, Revenge of the Cadaver Dick.

(Incidentally, a man recently DID have a penis transplant).

Given the short fiction centers in Louisiana, revolves around smut, I figured I needed a pseudonym and thusly, The Bayou Boogaloo was formed. Someday, I’ll return to write more and let my “fingers do the talking”.


You’ve arrived at the contact page for CL Lucas.

I realize the title is provocative. You may be a huge fan of Fonda’s, and you may want to lash out. Have you visited About a Boy yet on this site? If you do want to lash out, look me in the eye first before you hit the button, I’ll read some of the message—if it is sensible.

You may be supportive. Moreover, perhaps you are a fellow Vet of my era or from the Vietnam-era yourself.

To be honest, this project spans a decade. Matter of fact the time spent has resulted in over 180,000 words. Within it are multiple climactic events and a trove of personalities one wouldn’t expect.

The character all inter-relate by a fact, and by fiction. Killing Jane Fonda (KJF) is technically fiction, a majority of it, however, is truth. Real names, real people involved in the anti-war movement during the late Sixties and early Seventies populate its pages.

Presently, a host of aging leftists are busy publishing memoirs. They are confessing their sins for the capitalist dollar they once hated. Consequently, they’re providing the author insight into that point in time they inhabited.

CL Lucas’ Strategy

I’m fueling my engine. I don’t have a book deal. I’m not stuck on the idea of producing hard-copy for bookstores. For now, I’m OK with online publishing. It is possible, it might gather attention, and the whole project may gain legs.

Call it therapy. Call it a journey. Within, a message exists along on Fonda’s road to perdition.

Jane Fonda is aging quickly. This story won’t have an impact if she passes before completion.

Stay tuned, give your support and provide feedback and I promise, along the way, to write like the wind.