Killing Jane Fonda

A Novel of the Vietnam War (Book 1) – Available for the Amazon Kindle May 5th

In July 1972 when Jane Fonda stepped off the dirt berm sporting a helmet onto the gunner’s seat of a Vietnamese anti-aircraft piece, the captured image sparked the fury of veterans for generations.

Twisting the knife days later, Fonda leveled propaganda broadcasts at American troops in combat; a betrayal that became the cornerstone angst for everything Vietnam.

Tom Hayden captured her eye from first husband Roger Vadim, introduced her into activism and launched her into infamy with their trip to North Vietnam.

Following the backgrounds of Fonda and Hayden’s offspring, the Weather Underground, three young men on a trip to DC to visit the Vietnam Veteran’s memorial learn that 60’s leftists connected their lives.

One among them, contribute the loss of his father in Vietnam to Fonda who, as rumor had it, crossed his path before he died.

There is always more to a story than the myth.

(The author is a retired combat veteran. By toll and by time, Vietnam killed his father. You can read about the author through his blog, or you can go direct to an essay in two parts, here and here.) 


Killing Jane Fonda, Available on Kindle May 5th

Some commentary from Book one’s frontmatter. In the real world, there are no safe spaces. The real world is caustic. Painful. Merciless. As Col. Kurtz remarked in Apocalypse Now~ “We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won’t allow them to write “fuck” on their airplanes because it’s obscene!” Same applies …


The Author
The author in on patrol in Afghanistan while supporting CJSOTF-A TACP

C.L. Lucas (Christopher Lee) was born in New Iberia, Louisiana in ’69 growing up along the Bayou Petite Anse, a few miles from Avery Island where Tabasco sauce is made. He enlisted in the Navy after high school, served in the Gulf War before attending Ole Miss on scholarship where he received a B. A. in Journalism. After commissioning as an Ensign in the Navy, Lucas proceeded to flight school, earned his wings and cruised twice on the USS Truman. His Navy commitment complete, Lucas transitioned to the Air Force to fly B-52s from Barksdale, AFB, before commanding the 3rd BCT, 3rd ID TACP. During this time, Lucas deployed to Iraq then Afghanistan earning a Bronze Star and Combat Action Medal while supporting Combined Joint Special Operations Forces, Afghanistan (CJSOTF-A). Lucas received an M. S. in strategic studies before retiring from the military at the rank of Major after 24 years of service. He and his wife Carmen live with their three children in Helotes, Texas.


The Bayou Boogaloo

Ready for something different? The Bayou Boogaloo’s got it.


In today’s Amazon world, “fiction” is a broad definition. Going away…

Wait, now that I think about it, let me digress.

I studied Journalism at the University of Mississippi. I also minored in English and Spanish. Mentioned elsewhere, I learned I enjoyed writing creative fiction but until 2003, I lacked anything worthy to write about, something with impact, until the idea for Killing Jane Fonda erupted.

I’ve been working on Killing Jane Fonda for an incredible amount of time — starting, stopping, restarting. Doing so resulted in an amalgam of writing style and skill.  But that’s not the point — fiction.

Writing is an artform.

When Fifty Shades of Grey hit the mainstream, I decided to have a look at the ‘art’ within its pages.

It sucked. Yes, it sucked — but you know what, I don’t have a two movie deal and I still have bills.

One day, while flying in Afghanistan, a buddy asked me if I’d heard of Bigfoot porn, to which I replied, “no.”

Apparently, it’s a thing. Moreover, it directs you to a weird part of populated with dinosaur porn, minotaur porn, mermaid porn, gay, straight you name it.

I bought “Snowed in with the Yeti” out of curiosity but found the “Moan for Bigfoot” series for free online.

Most of the sub-screed there are little more than essays of less than 2k words targeted towards the perverse.

Birth of The Bayou Boogaloo

I decided to try my hand and actually produce something funny, raw yet plausible and produced Soul Tool, Revenge of the Cadaver Dick.

(Incidentally, a man recently DID have a penis transplant).

Given the short fiction centers in Louisiana, revolves around smut, I figured I needed a pseudonym and thusly, The Bayou Boogaloo was formed. Someday, I’ll return to write more and let my “fingers do the talking”.



You’ve arrived at the contact page for C.L. Lucas.

The title is provocative; you may love her.

Vet’s hate her. Justifiably so, the reasons for which, after so many years, she cannot comprehend.

This project spans a decade. Over 180,000 words written, within it, exist several climactic events I prefer to stand alone.

The character’s inter-relate by a fact, and by fiction. Killing Jane Fonda (KJF) is fiction, albeit historically based. Real names of real people are used, their notoriety my artistic license.

Aging leftists are publishing memoirs confessing their sins for the capitalism the once loathed. Consequently, they surrender their names and give this author a bird’s eye view of the points in time they inhabited.

I have no book deal.

I’ve long given up the idea of producing a hard-copy for Barnes&Noble. I’m ok with this as it is, eReader, audible and possibly printed through Create Space if it goes that route. If this project gains legs…

There’s much to learn about a lot of angles along Jane Fonda’s road to perdition. This story has no impact if she passes before completion. Moreover, the millennials need an education.

You may connect with me on Twitter @geauxboogaloo and FB @petite.anse or use the contact form.